Visual Reporting and Analysis

White paper: Visual Reporting and Analysis

Seeing Is Knowing –
Visual Reporting and Analysis

By presenting business intelligence data in the form of charts, maps or other graphs, it becomes easier to explore the information, spot patterns and discover new insights that may have been hidden in standard table and text formats.

The TDWI Best Practices Report: Visual Reporting and Analysis highlights that 74 per cent of its survey respondents suggest that data visualisation accounts for a ‘very high’ or ‘high’ increase in their business user insights. This is a result of data visualisation being no longer restricted to specialist applications and becoming an increasingly essential element of business intelligence across many organisations.

This shift in adopting visual reporting and analysis is creating and promoting a more analytical, data-driven business environment by empowering users to explore data more effectively, in a graphical way; seeing really is knowing.

The TDWI Best Practices Report details the history and benefits of data visualisation and provides expert recommendations on how you can incorporate it into your business applications to better understand it and use it to achieve tactical and strategic objectives.

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TDWI Best Practices Report: Visual Reporting and Analysis