BSP Software

BSP software supports Cognos 10!

Unlock the power of Cognos with BSP Software. BSP Software is an extention of BrightStar Partners, Inc. and leverages technology solutions to address IBM Cognos customer needs.

As an extension to IBM Cognos’ development staff through our Technology Partnership, we focus on adding comprehensive value to IBM Cognos customers around the world with easy to use applications geared towards both business and technology users.

See-Change is a Partner and Authorised Referrer for BSP Software in Australia which includes MetaManager, Integrated Control Suite, CPM Explorer, BSP Recycle Bin and much more. We are proud to represent BrighStar Partners in the Australia region.

Free BSP License Auditor!

The BSP License Auditor for IBM Cognos allows customers to audit the access rights assigned to each user within their Cognos environments. By simply connecting to your Cognos environment, the application will navigate your security and present how many users you have at each IBM Cognos license level. Get your copy now!

License Auditor for IBM Cognos Benefits:

  • Quickly audit your IBM Cognos license usage
  • Determines when additional licenses are needed
  • Helps limit “shelfware”
  • Free of charge!
  • MetaManager
    US Patent 8,073,863

    MetaManager is a collection of 26 (and rapidly expanding) modules that work together to get the job done. Whether you’re making database changes, implementing a security policy or administering and managing the everyday activities that demand your time, MetaManager takes the tactical work so you can be more strategic. MetaManager’s success is accredited to its simplicity on the surface but shear horsepower one level deeper. Our internal motto in developing software has always been “Simple tasks should be easy, but difficult ones should be possible”.

    MetaManager offers administrators and developers the ability to gain full control over all aspects of their deployment through one intuitive, powerful user interface. Through the various product modules, users are able to save tremendous time automating manual processes while adding a wealth of capabilities to extend the value of the out-of-the-box IBM Cognos software.

    26 modules designed to manage every aspect of IBM Cognos!!!

    Backup & Restore
    Find / Replace
    Report Validation
    Security Administration
    Security Audit
    Cube Management
    User Profiles
    and much more…

    Integrated Control Suite (US Patent 7,945,589)

    ICS’s patented technology provides IBM Cognos customers version control, content management, source control, recovery, performance monitoring, deployment and compliance reporting within their business analytics environment. This truly integrated solution is paving the way IBM Business Partners develop value-added software within the IBM Cognos business analytics environment.

    ICS: Integrated Version Control

    IVC simplifies and streamlines the process of continuously preserving IBM Cognos content in the event changes need to be audited or the information needs to be recovered. IVC’s innovative approach to integrating directly within the IBM Cognos interface allows the product to appear and behave as if it were part of the core IBM Cognos product suite. IVC includes versioning, comparison, recovery, locking, promotion, broadcast messaging, reporting and more.

    ICS: Integrated Client Versioning

    Integrated Client Versioning provides a version control solution for folders and files located on a Windows file system. This functionality was designed specifically for providing version control capabilities for Framework Manager and Transformer models in an integrated and secured manner, enabling control over who has access to this content within the organization.

    ICS: Integrated Change Management

    As an extension to Version Control, Change Management is designed for companies that desire workflow and process around their development efforts. With Change Management, all public content is required to be checked out prior to making modifications.

    ICS: Integrated Deployment Manager

    Deployment Manager provides Administrators the ability to promote objects in bulk to a target IBM Cognos environment from directly within the source IBM Cognos Administration Console. When coupled with Integrated Version Control, Administrators can opt to allow Authors to tag reports onto a promotion project, enabling collaboration between Authors and Administrators.

    ICS: Integrated Archive Service

    Archive Service provides an automated and secure process for archiving report outputs to a database external to the IBM Cognos Content Store. Over time, report outputs can burden the Content Store, causing possible performance degradation and upgrade challenges. Archive Service enables the Content Store to remain a metadata repository and not a content management system.

    ICS: Integrated Recycle Bin

    Recycle Bin provides an insurance policy for IBM Cognos users as they manage content in Public and My Folders. Typically when an object is deleted from the IBM Cognos Content Store, that object is permanently obliterated and cannot be recovered without a backup. The Integrated Recycle Bin captures these objects into a recycle bin prior to deleting from the content store. Users can recover their own content with the click of a button directly within IBM Cognos Connection.

    ICS: Integrated Report Documenter

    Report Documenter captures vital information from report definitions so Report Authors can focus on the development lifecycle of company content and not worry about the documentation that must accompany it. IRD is tightly integrated into IBM Cognos studios so that Authors can document report definitions right from within the authoring environment itself.

    ICS Overview